Park & Jet Shuttle Service

Park & Jet offers on-demand shuttle service in conjunction with our PHL Airport parking service. Our shuttle runs 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to and from the curbside of Philadelphia Airport. We want your experience with our PHL parking to be perfect, so we have answered the questions we are frequently asked about our shuttle service to the airport.

Where do I board the shuttle to get to my flight?

After you park your vehicle, our shuttle will be by to pick you up, and our driver will assist you with your luggage. No need to walk to our office. Simply board our shuttle and relax on the short ride to the airport.

Where does the shuttle drop me off?

At Philadelphia Airport there is a specified area for the off-airport shuttles to drop-off their customers. We’ll drop you off at the curbside of this designated area which will allow you to get to your gate quickly.

Where do we pick you up upon return?

When you return, follow the “Ground Transportation” signs and proceed to zone 4. Once you have your luggage, call our on-demand shuttle so we know you need to be picked up and please note what zone and terminal you are located.

What does the shuttle look like?

Look for our red and white shuttles! Once you board our shuttle upon your return, we’ll take you straight to your vehicle so you can leave as quickly as possible.